Que ve?

September 29, 2008

Those who speak Spanish, no doubt, know what the phrase “Que ve” means. The literal translation is “what do you see”. It is a question that can be applied to many aspects of the world we live in. And that to me is the phrase that will probably best sum up what I want write about. What do I see in a given subject?

Those subjects will include my key interests such as politics (FYI, I’m a liberal) and movies, but they will also include other topics that are not on my mind at the moment. I once started a blog dedicated to just society and politics, but then my world view grew. Hopefully, everyone’s world view grows to include things they didn’t know about. Glimpses of the world help us shape it as well live in it.

So what makes my opinion worth hearing? Well, take what I said in the last paragraph. As my world view grows, maybe I can share some of that with you. Maybe I can say something that you take issue with. Maybe you will come to agree with a 22 year old guy from Texas or maybe your belief will be further reinforced. Opinions are the tools we use to manipulate our world. For the best and and for the worst.